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We all believe in something, sometimes a few of those end up coming as magical. This is my take on all the crazy magical things we designed for the past year being at Hike.

Magical things: A look back
Magical things: A look back

There is a lot to cover on this so instead of going deep into everything. I’ll give you an overview of what awesome things we worked on. Let’s get right into it.

1. Hikeland — A magical place to hangout online.

Notifications keeps us connected with every update of our favourite apps. They are the backbone of engagement but like anything else overdose of them can also be bad for the product.

In this article I am going to cover

about Push Notifications & how to design them. This article is helpful for product owners & designers in designing & creating different styles of push notifications.

Here I’ll share some insights to help you navigate the design of a notification by dissecting the anatomy. If you’re a designer you’ll find this Figma push notification UI kit useful.

What is a push notification?

In simple terms a notification is a message that pops up…

Sharing with you all what I have learnt while working on search for LBB. Check out the first article in the series here to get a better context.

The Problem

The search was scope based and not unified

LBB is a platform which has two primary sections. One is Place(home page), where user can discover new places, cafes, local retailers, events or content from multiple categories. Other being Shop(e-commerce), where user can buy products online. Each section has it’s separate list of categories and listing.

The major issue being people were searching for Places/Products/Events thinking it was a unified search and were not able to get the correct results…

You must have heard about LBB, if you haven’t then you must be wondering what is it. So to give you a context of what LBB is in simple terms is a discovery platform which connects local business and brands with people across India.

Now coming to what we are here for, you all know what is search and why there is need for search feature in every application.

Searching is just trying to find the information you need.

To give you a better understanding I am explaining briefly about what is search scope and what is search unified.

Search Scope

Understand first implement later

Design systems are exploding in popularity. From tech heavyweights like Airbnb, Intercom to nimble startups, organisations of every shape are reusing UI patterns to save time and money.

Now a days, creating design system has become a trend for designers. This should not be done as a design exercise but should be done out of requirement for the company. …

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